This is not my first time in Louisville,Kentucky and is not my first time at the GALT HOUSE HOTEL. 
This hotel is absolutely amazing! The rooms are very big and the beds very comfortable . Every room has a microwave, refrigerator, one or two sofas, living room…it is like a mini apartment!

It is Louisville only WATERFRONT hotel! It has a unique view! I love to workout and even the gym has a gorgeous view!

The hotel has 1,300 guest rooms! You can literally get lost in it!

There are 7 Restaurants in which you can eat delicious food…since I’m vegetarian, I’m already happy because they have a vegetarian salad !

Inside there is a 

Pool and Fitness Center

Ups Store and Business Center

– There are stores like :3rd Floor Spirits and more ; Hey Lady ; Koi Gallery ; Regalo and others!


So…if you don’t want to leave the hotel, you have plenty do to! If you ever go to Louisville, I would strongly recommend to stay here!