Living the #falife has pro and cons. 

One of the CONS is that having a RELATIONSHIP is almost impossible . My boyfriend broke up with me.

It happened on Sunday, February  21st,2016.He did it with a text message. I was on the Aircraft, ready to board. I had 6 flights that day . I cried to any single one of it. My passengers were absolutely sweet in asking me why and if I was ok.

Often is hard to put the emotions aside and fake that beautiful smile at work.

Why ?

He said because we are in two different paths. He wanted to buy an house downtown Philadelphia and get married. I travel a lot, I couldn’t be there daily. I live in another state then him, I would love to move to Florida. He had a point, however I was willing to compromise . Lately we have been arguing over silly things because he has so much stress in his life. I knew it was a lot to only see me during my days off, come to pick me up at the airport and bring him back. He is also taking care to his Grandfather so, each time he had to find someone to watch the Grandpa in order for him to pick me up and take me back to the airport ( He lived about 45 min, an hour away from PHL airport )

Why with a text message ?

Because he tried a month ago, for the same reasons  and I convinced not to. I told him we could work things out. This time he decided to make that decision and don’t let me have a word about. He blocked me from 

– Facebook

– Skype

– Whatssup 

I have no way to contact him. 

His Birthday 

It is on March 2nd and I bought customized gifts for him over a week ago. They have his name on and his company bane on it and, thus morning I decided to ship to him anyway. I don’t know if he will open them or if he will trash them. I also wrote him a nice letter.

 What did I do ?

My two days off, for the first time I didn’t go anywhere.  I stated in my crashpad with some of my roommates. I cried and cried and cried .  I did researches on WHY he did that and would can I do to get him back. I think sending him the birthday gift, was my last try.

Flightattendant is a Lifestyle and not a job

Many men don’t understand it. Cannot deal with it. They cannot deal with the fact that a flight attendant will never be in the house with him everyday. 

I have a broken heart now.