When I got here yesterday ( March 10th,2016 ) I was pretty excited knowing that the following day , the weather was going to be 80 degrees !!! I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep and around 2.00 am I was still on the phone with my friends.

I woke up pretty early. It was about 5.30 am and of course, the sun wasn’t up yet. Around 6.00 am I went downstairs. Here, at the Wyndham Hotel , they have free breakfast from 6.00 am till 9.00 . I had breakfast and then I went back to my room. Another hour went by and I decided to stick with my plan . After relaxing a little, I put on my gym clothes and I went to workout.

The gym here is nothing of exceptional and lacks when it comes to weights but hey, much better then do not workout at all. I was pretty happy about my workout, included my run.

Soon after, I went back in my hotel room  ( A #layoverlife involve a lot of different hotel rooms ) and I was debating between going to explore a famous park or stick with my plan of : book, bikini , pool, flip flops . While thinking, I took a long warm bath ( Who cares! I don’t have to clean the bath tub in a hotel and I can have Bubble baths! Ah!) After that, I decided to stick with the original plan.

I went straight on the pool. That, was the best decision I could have made on this March 11th,2016 . I totally enjoyed laying under the sun. It has been such a long time since I was able to do that! For someone that comes from a city on the Ocean…any kind of water is a big deal , especially, considering that now I live in a city without my beloved ocean !


While I was working on my TAN and relax , I finally decided to read more of the book that I bought not too long ago.


                                                                                             Why Did I buy THAT book ?


I used to read psychology books or sales technique books. Over a month ago, a friend of mine bought that book. I decided to buy something different and also to trust her. And I got it. The other reason,was because ~ M ~ in a friendly was used to call me ” BOSSY”  and the title of the book was ” Girl Boss”. ~M~ and I laughed many times at that book. When I was with him, I barely had or found time to read more then a few pages . 

The book is about a Woman that become successful. It is about an ENTERPRENEUR . Because of that, ~ M ~ said that once I was done he was going to read it. Today, there was a phrase in that book. It was actually a sentence. It HIT me pretty hard. It reminded me about him. It has been 2 weeks and 5 days since we broke up.

Anyway, the book is very captivating and regardless the reasons why I bought it, I will continue to read it!