71 degrees and I couldn’t resist! I went to explore Vienna and after I found out there was a botanical garden,I didn’t waste anytime!

Absolutely fascinating places, full of history, flowers, butterflies and animals!

The best part of it, was the Korean Bell Garden. 


 – The Bell Of Peace 

It was the Bell of King Seong- Delk, also known as the Emille Bell, which is the largest extant bell in Korea .  The bell of peace and Harmony commemorates the equality, opportunity and freedom Koreans have found in the United States . It is only 2.18 meters high and weight 3 tons

Dol Hareubang


Those statues carved from pours basalt, better known as volcanic rock,found in Jeju Island on the southern trip of Korea.

The statue’s faces feature a slight smile , bulging eyes without pupils and long,broad nose with a mushroom shaped rimmed hat on its head .


– The Korean Alpabet

It was created in the mid 15th century during the reign of the fourth king of the Chosun Dynast,King Sejon the Great. 

I must say … There was so much to see and to learn! I will be back there!