Which is the best way to spend 2 and half days off ? Sun,warm weather,bikini and…Universal Studios!

And next thing I knew,I was on a flight to Orlando,Florida.

The first day, I couldn’t resist to the warm weather. I put on my bikini ( I never travel without it ) and I went straight on the pool. It was me, the sun, the pool and a good book along with coffee.

Once my friend arrived, we decided to go on an exploration. It was interesting visiting Downtown Orlando. We ended up in a Mexican restaurant where we met people,spoke with strangers and just had fun!

 The following day,after breakfast I was ready. I had to drag my friend out. All I could think about was a fun day at Universal Studios!

Fun Fact : Universal Studios is divided in TWO WORLDS. You can either buy a pass for one or a pass for both. Of course we got passes for both worlds!

Harry Potter which is a big deal,was full of people. Mainly there are shops but not many attractions. Each zone, included the Harry Potter’s one were small. I was a little disappointed.

We visited both works and all the zones. Men in Black, the Simpsons, Harry Potter, Popeye….you name and we did!

It was such a fun day! And I needed some fun at Universal Studios!