I always wanted to cross HOLLYWOOD from my Bucket List and that’s why,I decided to book a flight and finally fly to “LAX

Once I got to the airport, I took a UBER from there to my hotel ( $23.00) and it was about 40 min. Drive. I checked into my room,changed my clothes and took another Uber ( $13.00) to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Hollywood is. Very crowed, especially the ” Strip “. Every city has a strip, however this one is a ” Famous strip“.

While walking, you really do not pay attention to the surrounding because you are too busy looking on the floor and                ” hunting ” for celebrities stars names! Those stars are all over! They are on the left side and on the right side of each sidewalk.

It is a very ” touristic place ” and it was ok, since I was playing tourist for two days.
Los Angeles is beautiful! The weather is warm but what makes the scenario great is the fact that is not flat. You see the mountains, you have the beach, palm trees etc…Now I know what people were talking about!

I saw the famous ” Egyptian Movie Teather ” that has been there for over 20 years and the ” Chinese movie teather ” where you can see all the hands and signatures on the floor of famous people.

If you never been to Hollywood…well, you have to go once in your life to see it!