Hollywood.Santa Monica & Perris

– May 15th.16th.17th.18th-

Hello Los Angeles! Here I’m ready to explore for 3 and half days!

My first day was dedicated to go around Hollywood and catching up with my friend. We went to have breakfast in this lovely place on Hollywood Blvd.

Of course there were tourist everywhere .

Then he took me to a roof top bar in which there is also a ping pong Sala where President Obama go to relax and play ping pong. The outdoor was adorable,with garden sculptures , a pool and water beds!

Then I went to see my friend’s various Villas and famous people apartments that are his neighbors and I ended up visiting the famous GRIFFITH PARK!

The second day we headed to RIVERSIDE so I could see his parents that are from my same city in Italy. We spent time talking and laughing and then…off to Breakfast.

We went to a spectacular State Park in which there is an amazing Lake. The water was crystal clear and the mountains view took my breath away!

After that I went to have dinner in Hollywood,in an historical place. This place long time ago belonged to the Monks and than was transformed into a restaurant . Nothing has been touched and you can both,see and smell history.

We ended the night in a cigar bar in which there were playing various games…of course I did play!I even won a Keychain!

My last day was dedicated finally to SANTA MONICA!!!!!! I got to see and walk on the Santa Monica Pier, the boardwalk and I went aeound for some sightseeing. It is very nice there,maybe overrated.

We had dinner in a cute and fancy place called RED O and I had the best Brussel sprout ever! I’m a vegetarian and vegetables for me are a big deal.

What can I say? It wasn’t my first time in California and I fell in love with that State!I will go back for sure!