Today I decided to send an e mail to my ex boyfriend to THANK him because he let me go. . .

Thank you Matt!!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You told me I would have understood the reason why you were leaving me and I did.
I cried a lot when you left. I had to get useD to be in hotels and don’t be able to skype you. I missed you so much. I missed what we had.
The first days off after our breakup,I started to travel on my own or ” solo ” if you like.
I never stopped since then. On my days off I’m always gone!Often I get 3 days off and by managing well my schedule can actually be 3 and half or 4 in a row .
I visited cuntries I wanted to see,I visited amazing cities that I always wanted to see. I have been back to Mexico to see my friends, I spent fabulous time in Vegas, Hollywood,Riverside,Santa Monica. I went to Tampa, I finally spent time exploring Universal Studios. I even came back to Philadelphia to see more about your city .
During my layovers I finally reached a routine…tired or not,soon after I arrive , I go workout then I take a shower and I go out explore the city!
I visited so many places,took plenty of photograph and met strangers that became friends.
In my next days off I’m heading to Palm Springs and I will be the guest of honor for an Opera night. I became good friend with an Opera Singer that adores me and treat me like I was her daughter.
I have been living the life I wanted , the one I worked hard for. The one you wanted me to live.
I don’t spend much time in my crashpad in Washington but when I’m there I get along with everyone . I love all my housemates so much!!!! I’m also training for a 5 K…still too early for a marathon.
I do miss you from time to time. I miss your smile and your eyes. I told my friends that I don’t feel like dating because to beat my ex boyfriend it would take someone better then him and that is hard to do.
You brought love back into my life ,you tought me that I shouldn’t be scared of loving someone. With all the tears I dropped,I have been blessed to have you in my life .
I hope everything is going well for you as I hope you find what you are looking for.
Maybe one day we can be friends,we can laugh about in front of a cup of coffee ( Yeah,I still drink coffee ).
Thank you Matt for set me free but also thank you for being the best ex boyfriend I ever had.
You never know where life takes you,takes us and I learnt that too.
Good luck with your app!