I really did that. I changed my clothes, included my bra, in the back of an UBER from Los Angeles to Palm Springs!

During my days off, I decided to go visit Palm Springs since I have never been there.

I forgot that this was MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND and if you don’t know it FLIGHTATTENDANTS ARE ADVISES to DO NOT FLY during the holidays! The reason is simple : We travel standby and during the holidays all the flights are usually BOOKED!
I checked so many routes before my departure and anything was full ( Once again, I forgot about Memorial Day Weekend, because when you are a flightattendant you don’t pay attention to holidays since you work anyway).
All flights from Washington Dulles were full. I took an Uber from my house to Washington Regan ( 50 minutes and $ 48.00 ) . I got to the Airport and I was ready to fly on American ( DCA – DEN and DEN- PSP ) . Guess what? Things changed and that flight was FULL
I rapidly booked another flight and checked in . I ran over the United Terminal where they were almost done boarding a flight to HOUSTON and I jumped on it. Phase one of my plan was completed.
I got to HOUSTON and I was able to make to the gate for my second flight ( They were almost done boarding as well ) but unfortunately that flight was…FULL! 
I had one choice left… I deleted from my mind FLYING into PSP ( Palm Spring International Airport ) and I decided to take IAH to LAX. That flight was FULL but I knew that there was the possibility of a misconnection and that 17 people weren’t going to make it. Luckily for me, I was able to fly to LAX. Phase 2 complete!

I arrived there at 1.30 pm and I had to be in Palm Springs for a dinner at 5.00pm. The next flight from LAX to PSP was at 7pm and it was full. Next thing I knew, I called an Uber . Of course I didn’t calculate that there was going to be traffic but at 4.56pm I made it to PALM SPRING. That ride costed me $ 166.00 !!!!
I was still in my Uniform and anytime I was trying to talk to my UBER DRIVER it was almost impossible . He spoke VIETNAMESE and barely English and me, a person that speaks 3 languages couldn’t communicate with him. I did understood he needed to get gas for the car BUT I needed to get to dinner ON TiME ! 

While he was getting gas for the car, I opened the trunk and got my dress, my matching bra and my shoes. Next thing I know , I was CHANGING in the back of that uber car. Yes, I did change in the back of an uber, included my bra. I cannot believe I did that! I’m still laughing about and I truly believe, I will never forget what I did. I also fixed my make up in the car. As a flightattendant you have to be ready to have anything in handy and with an easy access. 

Rose and her husband picked me up outside of the PSP airport , where my Uber driver dropped me off. We all went to dinner to the Sons Of Italy which is an American Institution with location all over the country. I had so much fun! 
I had the opportunity to meet and see performing Anthenyy Shane that many years ago had his own show.

I met the ex guitarist of TINA TURNER that performed at dinner and I got to spend time with Rose and her husband. WHO IS ROSE? That is another story…how we met and became friend. Long story short..she was my passenger on one of my flights. She is a well known Opera Singer that used to sing also at LA SCALA DI MILANO in Italy. Today, she is singing Jazz. 
I was her guest for my 3 days there. 3 amazing days! She took me around PALM SPRINGS and the entire valley. I pictured the COACHELLA’S valley so different . I didn’t even know that was in the desert ! 
The scenarios, the mountains with the palm trees are so beautiful that look surreal!!!! I couldn’t believe how nature created a perfect painting . If you ever go there, you will be captured by the scenario that , like I was keep saying ” IT LOOKS FAKE” but it wasn’t .

is very nice and super clean. The characteristic is that along the street you see modern art sculptures. It is very pleasant to admire a blend of colors along with Palm Trees. There are all high end shops and the whole City and Valley seems to be built on the same model . PALM SPRINGS is the same way.

Rose and her husband lives on the GOLF COURSE in a place that looks like a resort, with the difference that there are houses instead that tall buildings. Because of that, they have a GOLF CART and of course I rode it. We took their dog to a DOG PLAYDATE with other dogs … Can you imagine the 3 of us on a golf cart with a basset hound dog? Yes, that is exactly what happened.

I also went to see the PALM SPRING street fair. It is once a week and the city comes more to life on that day. There are vendors from all over and of course, street performers.

Much more it happened during my time there…Going to see Rose’s friend that works at Black House and White Market, eating in the German Style restaurant opened by people that come from Jugoslavia, meet their performer friend while he was performing and end up in a video while he was singing to me . . . If I write the details, it would take me forever.

Well, guess what? It was still Memorial Day weekend and all the flights from PSP ( Palm Springs International Airport ) were full. I woke up at 3.00 am and got an UBER . I arrived at the airport around 5.15 am ( and of course $ 188.00 this time!!!) . My only choice was taking VIRGIN from LAX to SFO then SFO to IAD because all the direct flights were…FULL ( what a news eh!) .
My first flight was leaving from LAX at 7.00 am , however when I went to the gate to check in with the gate agent, she asked me why I wasn’t taking the direct flight with VIRGIN to IAD. She told me that I had some chances. 
At that point , I had to make a choice and I decided to take a risk. I waited for the 8.30 am direct flight from LAX ( Los Angeles ) to IAD ( Washington Dulles ) and luckily for me I GOT ON BOARD! I gave a huge hug to the gate agent!
Once I got to IAD, I had to take an UBER to get home because My car was parked at home and not at the airport, since I left for my mini vacation from another airport.
Were all those money spent in uber worth? 

A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y ~ Y-E-S !!!! 

You can only make more money but memories are the one that will be with you forever and those, are the one of the best memories of my life!