I had the pleasure and surprise to find out that one of my best flightattendant co worker and good friend, had my same layover in Louisville , Ky!
We decided to sunbathing on the pool, at the amazing GALT HOUSE HOTEL. ( If you ever go to Louisville, you must stay there. Is the best HOTEL in the duty ).

Anyway, the SUN wasn’t cooperating too much and we decided to leave the pool for an Exploration!

We found out that in Louisville , KY there are a few ancient Castles and that is where we decided to go. 

The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum, one of the finest examples of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, was the masterpiece of famed local architect Arthur Loomis of Clarke & Loomis.

It is located in the historical part of the city. It is a very fascinating place, the castle and the whole area.
As you can see, everything looks so neat and clean and full of history.

After visiting THE CASTLE, we continue our “Exploration History Day ” by going to see ” LA BELLE LOUISVILLE “.

It is a Steamboat operated by the city of Louisville. They have sightseeing tours, dinner tours, events tours. It takes you around the river. The boat was originally named ” Idlewild” then they changed the name.
We kept walking along the river, looking around.
At the end of our exploration, we went on the highest peak of the GALT HOUSE to see the whole city.