I came back at 6.00 am from Palm Springs. I went straight to the gym and then to work to start a surprising 4 Day trip.

I landed in Philadelphia. I have been here numerous times for work and pleasure and also because my ex boyfriend lives here. However, I have never seen the famous Rocky Steps and the Rocky Statue

As soon as I got to the Hotel, I took off my uniform and put on ” civilian clothes “. I called an uber and went there…

The ROCKY STATUE was so crowed! There were so many tourists that I couldn’t believe! Everyone wanted to take a picture with it! I had to walk trought all the tourists to take my pictures and so I did!

After that, I decided to climb the ROCKY STEPS, just like in the movie ! Of course, there were many tourists running up and down but it was fun!

I explorer a little the Art Museum and took pictures here and there.