Dear passenger ,On July 8th,2016 you were seating in 2A on my flight from MDT to IAD.

This particular flight was already delayed 2 hours due to inbound aircraft and what you don’t know is that both, my crew and I were at the airport for the past 2 hours , just like you and the other passengers.

When you were about to cross the jetbridge to come on board , I asked you with a smile and in a polite way to leave your roller bag planeside as I was handing you a tag. You looked at me and you told me that my company ALWAYS let you on board ” Anything ” and that you travel a lot. I explained to you that I was just doing my job and that I was truly sorry. I apologized to you because I was doing my job properly .

You didn’t give up and you asked me to speak with my manager. I was keep smiling and be nice and polite to you, just like I do with every passenger. I told you that if you wanted you could go talk to the Gate Agent.

You never did. I found out after, prior door close that the gate agent already told you to leave your bag plane side but you didn’t listen to her because apparently, if you are a King member , you believe you can break the rules.

You were keep arguing with me but I’m a flightattendant , I remain calm in every situation. I even explained to you about my aircraft and the size of the overhead bins.

At that point, you decided to argue with the baggage handling crew while I was boarding other passengers.

I had no idea what you were telling to them because I couldn’t hear, however, from the body language, it was obvious that the ground crew was explaining to you to leave your roller bag .

You finally did and before you came on board , you got very close to me and told me that you were going to REPORT me because I didn’t let you bring your roller board on board. You asked for my first and last name. I kept smiling and told you my first and last name.

After I made all my announcements , including the safety demo , your cell phone RANG prior to taxing!!! 

The other passengers were laughing and looking at me because they saw you arguing with me and now using the phone. I had to make another announcement .

Dear passenger in 2A, let me just tell you a few things. As a flightattendant I spent 7 WEEKS in training. I have been trained for extreme situations. I have been trained to save your life in case of emergency. I have been trained to make sure that all my passengers are safe. 

Do you think that I make decisions because I want to? No, I make decisions based on my training. I need to make sure that all my passengers respect the rules and I’m sorry if some flightattendant get intimidated by the fact that you are a ” KING” member and do not enforce those rules.

I spent 7 hard weeks and over 20 tests away from friends and family because my company, after an hard hiring process was sure that I had the skills to become a sky angel. 

Flightattendants live in the sky and as much as they love their job, I just want to let you know that they miss their friends birthdays,weddings, their parents anniversary, their kids graduations. Did you know that yesterday my boyfriend got home with a puppy? The puppy I really wanted. I wanted to be there but I couldn’t and my job, doesn’t allow me to get off at 5.00pm and go home. I saw the puppy on videocall, I miss out on her first time using the doggie door. I’m going to miss out so much about the puppy.

However, I was still there, in front of you, with my smile. What you don’t know is that when a flightattendant cross the airport door, she must leave all her problems outside and she has to smile and be kind to passengers and perform her job duties regardless what’s going on in her private life. I remained calm and I was polite while I was enforcing the SAFETY rules and doing my job. 

I got to my crashpad late that night because home is not were my base is . I was tired . On the top of washing and ironing my uniform and making dinner, I had to file a trip report because of what you did. And just so you know, flightattendants only get paid from when the door close to when the door open. Nobody pays me for trip reports or boarding passengers .

Because of that, you want to report me? Next time you want to give hard time to a flightattendant or reporting her , just think WHY she is doing that. 

“THAT” is her job. Her job is to make sure that Every passenger, king members or not are safe.

With Love

The flightattendant that will keep doing her job with a smile and will keep being polite to passengers.