When CREW SCHEDULING doesn’t screw me over ( And trust me, if you ever become a flightattendant the SCHEDULING evil witches and wicked wizards WILL make you hate the job and screw you over ) I RUN AWAY in the arms of my boyfriend.

I HIDE in the DESERT, in a little gem called LA QUINTA in CALIFORNIA , which is part of the COACHELLA’S Valley , where Palm Springs is located.

As a flightattendant , as much as I love people, I do need my time away from them . La Quinta is my little slice of heaven along with my boyfriend and our new puppy. Yes! A puppy!

I’m vegetarian but I try to stay healthy as much as I can and I love when my boyfriend cooks for me.

I love to relax between the pool during the daytime and in the hot tub in the evening. I really enjoy watching the stars from the hot tub in the garden with my boyfriend. We like to name the stars . There is a shiny one and we always call it ” OUR STAR” and when we are away from eachother we look at the same one.

If you love HIKING, the COACHELLA’S Valley is the perfect place. The house is located a mile or less from la Quinta hiking trails. From there, the sky, the sun, the moon….anything seems surreal! Hiking there is very fun and relaxing at the same time .

Unfortunately, from where my BASE is to Palm Springs airport, it is a long commute. I have to take two flights : the first is 5.30 hours, then I usually wait between 3 and 4 hours at the airport and take my other flight that last 1.30. After that, it takes me 30 or 40 minutes drive to LA QUINTA. I do this every week. 

Now, do you still think it is fun to be a flightattendant commuter ? I don’t think so. There so much unsaid about the AVIATION Industry.

I go to California even when I have only 2 days off. It is a struggle , however when I get there, anything worth. I know all my sacrifices will be paid off one day.

For the past month I have been CRYING daily because I’m tired of all the things that scheduling does to me. It is exhausting.

So…BE NICE with your FLIGHTATTENDANT because you have no idea what she has to do to make work her job and her private life. We are humans, just like you. We have wings, but that doesn’t make us any less normal then you.