OC is the Orange County Fair that has been going on since 1980 . Many things have been changed since then, however the OC Fair still happen every year .

This year, I was lucky enough to spend time there with my boyfriend . We decided on a ” spur of the moment” trip towards Long Beach,California. During our exploration we found out about the Fair.

There are many vendors,indoor and outdoor. You can find a variety of products,from modern to antiques to handmade. It was very interesting to admire some of the artists perform,such us a sculpture maker.

We had fun browsing around the Carnival . I made my boyfriend play a basketball game because I wanted him to win a big Pegasus : mission miserably failed !

If you head to the OC Fair, you can also see interesting animals,such us the BIGGEST HORSE . His weight is over 3.000 lbs and he is bigger then a Clydesdale horse .

Another section is dedicated to Vintage Toys and creations and there are also sections dedicated to the kids…of course we had to go see those sections as well!

Don’t forget to try the Fryed Onion! Even for an health nut like me…it was a must ( alright, mainly this was my boyfriend’s ideas )

We also bought HONEY STICKS to suck on. One of the vendors had different flavors and we bought 6 packs with 5 in each!

My recommendation is to go there and HAVE FUN! Play the games, go on the rides, forget your problems!