I believe last time I visited Wildwood in NJ it was over 15 years ago. Surprisiling , no much seemed to be changed, beside for new stores around the city. The boardwalk is still made in wood and I was wondering why the city doesn’t do a thing to make it nicer.

This time I spend my days around the City, learning about it and visiting it like I have never done when I was young and I was going there.

I was very impressed by the HEREFORD LIGHTHOUSE . It was such a beautiful and lovely place! I felt like Alice in the wonderland. I asked to people that lived there and they didn’t even knew that there was such a beautiful lighthouse there! I even spotted a wild rabbit running around.

Of course , I had to go on the boardwalk and visit the 3 different Piers. There were attractions of any kind. Kids and family all over the place.

Now, you need to understand that people there aren’t exactly Weast Coast people however, I had a pretty fun time.
Maybe I will see you again in another 15 years Wildwood!