Every Flight attendant has a different experience in the Airline World. For one Flight Attendant a company can be Great but for another one, the same company can be not so great. There are a lot of factors involved in this decision 

  • Your Seniority ( How Low or High it is )
  • How much you are flying or not flying
  • If you are home based or a commuter
  • How much is your hourly pay

Every Flight attendant , if she has the possibility , she chose the airline she wants based on her personal needs. Some want to be based at home , others enjoy the ” crashpad experience ” ,  others want to fly internationally meanwhile others prefer regional flights with less jet lag .

My experience as a Flight Attendant is awful. Yes, awful.  I’m not talking about just the whole excruciating hiring process and about the hard 7/8 weeks ground school with all those test to pass.

I got hurt during my first training and they put me on unpaid medical leaves. Once I got back and finished training, two surgeries after, they kept my employee number but they decided to change the hire date :

  • Old employee number but new hire date : the company show how incoherent is .

    At that point they decided that I was going to be the most junior in my base .

    I have been on reserve for 8 months :

    • They make me stay as an Airport Reserve 8 hours in the airport and then they give me a trip. Anytime I have asked “why,since I was about to clock out?” , Crew scheduling response was ” Once we put it on you it is yours “.
    • Prior my days off, instead that being nice , they give me trips that end almost at midnight or Airport Reserve that ends at 10.00 pm . They do not care that you do not live in your base and that in your days off you want to go home.
    • GOLDEN DAYS : according to the contract, those days off are untouchable . They cannot ask you to work. Usually they are 3 days in a row. Crew scheduling call me during my GDO. I never answer and they leave a voicemail : Ar you back on reserve ? ( Breaking contract rules apparently is the new fashion Nowdays )
    • If they call you and YOU DO NOT call Crew Scheduling back in whitin 5 minutes  you get in troubles , however when you call them for something like clock out and others, they are capable to keep you on hold for even 15 minutes.
    • I have been LEFT outside of hotels for even 2 hours because the company forgot to make a reservation. Imagine when this happen in the middle of the winter!
    • According to the FAA regulations, a flight attendant  cannot  work for over 6 days straight . The 7th day you are illigal : they tried to make me work 7 days or they gave me trips and they knew I would get stuck
    • I had my rest time reduced to the minimum : 9 hours . Rest time start 15 minutes after the last flight. Rest time include the time waiting for the hotel shuttle, get there etc… 
    • I have called in Fatigue , probably more out of desperation then exhausted and they had me Deadheading on a flight in less then 24 hours ( How about those contract rules…)

      Also, what NORMAL PEOPLE do not realize and WHAT PASSENGERS that often treat Flight Attendants poorly is that 

      •  We only get paid from when the door close until the door opens.
      • If a passengers comes late , if we have to wait for a passengers, if a passenger waste our time before closing the door, if we leave late…The company put the delay on the Flight Attendant and more then one delay can cost our job.
      • We have to be on the Aircraft one hour of more prio boarding. It is called report time . We need to pre flight and take care of other things.
      • Sometimes, when we are in a new city we cannot really go to explore because we have 14 hours of work on us and we are excused or because the morning after, our report time is early.
      • I lost friends. Good Ones. My friends are far and I don’t see them often anymore. I don’T have the time during the day to text or call all of them. They do not understand my schedule and they never will. Many flight attendants I met experienced this loss.
      • Our carry on becomes HOME because literally our entire life is in there. It doesn’t matter how heavy it gets : we need to be able to carry and lift it.
      • When getting ready for a trip we try to make meals and bring food along because we do not get paid enough  to eat out everyday.
      • You might live close to your base ( Your Airport ) and that doesn’t mean much. Personally I have to drive to the employee parking lot, park my car and take a picture of where I park it because 99% of the time, when I’m gone for days, I do not remember where my car is. Then I have to wait for the employee shuttle ( trust me is a delightful experience when during winter is cold or when it is raining) to take me outside of the airport; once I get there I can skip security and use KCM for crew members. After that I have to take the underground train to get to my gate. Finally I made!

        The GLAMOROUS LIFE OF A FLIGHT ATTENDANT was created in the 60′ when things where different. Once again 

        This is my experience as a flight attendant and for others is different. Just because I’m having a bad one, it doesn’t mean for you it will be bad. Just accept the fact that is a lonely lifestyle.