There’s one dot on the map that holds more of your deepest memories than any other place. It’s where you fell in love, found your tribe ,risked it all, found happiness or reached the highest peak or goal..And that unique and special place now is close with a bracelet engraved with our favorite coordinates

Those particular bracelets are called WANDERER BRACELETS and they come from a little village in Bali. Using all natural water buffalo bone, the artisans hand crave them with traditional techniques. 

The COORDINATES WANDERER BRACELETS , are the ones with custom coordinates of your favorite place for a reason or another one.

I always wanted one , however I could never really find a reason or a place for the coordinates until my boyfriend came along. We met due a unique reason located in a specific place and I decided to order two identical bracelets with the coordinates of that place.

I flew to Springfield, MO last week where he is currently Working for a couple of months. He loved the bracelets just as much as I did. He put mine on and I put his bracelet on his wrist.

Probably, is not surprising that a Flight Attendant had something like a custom coordinates bracelet. 

I was so excited when I received them. The little bags in which they come are very particular and the nicest thing was a little thank you note with my name on.