My flight attendant friend and I, decided to spend a day exploring Washington Dc. However, we decided that this exploration was going to be different and unconventional . We skipped all the Places full of tourist for a full adventure.

Next thing we new, we end up in China Town! Did you know that Washington Dc has a China Town? It looks like a ” mini China ” where the buildings and restaurants are Chinese style. People try to stop you on the streets to sell you something or inviting you somewhere.

After browsing around , my friend really wanted to try the PHO in China Town. We chose a place that was appealing to us and we went there.

We failed in usings the infamous sticks and we asked for 2 works. Chinatown + Pho = Mission Accomplished.

Now What ? Washington is full of traffic. People drive like crazy and we still were craving ADVENTURES

Next thing we knew, we found ourselves in Church Fall State Park! We went on a long and fun hike. We crossed small rivers, we climbed over rocks and jumped trough obstacles while laughing not stop.

During our adventures we were seeing people in swimming suits…so we decide to look for WATER!

More hike to do in that beautiful place and we found a WATERFALL!

People were jumping, swimming, laying under the sun and having fun! That place was surreal. We tought we weren’t in Washington Dc anymore.

It was a day full of adventures in a blend between City and Nature.