Fly…Fly…Fly high all the time. That is my life in the Sky. One day I decided to grab my car and heading for a road trip on the ground.

**********VIRGINIA BEACH**********

My travels took me to the City Of Virginia Beach :

It is an adorable city on the Ocean. More classy then Ocean City and Wildwood. The boardwalk is well done with a bike path and a walking path. There are summer events every night , thanks to Beachstreet USA and all the events are FREE! The sunsets there are extremely beautiful and the sky changes color often. 

I also discovered that Jimmy Jones serves food for vegetarian. I didn’t know! 

Thank you Virginia Beach for the relax! 

                                              **********HISTORICAL WILLIAMSBURG**********

After two fun days in Virginia Beach, I decided to go in Williamsburg . I stayed at the Plantation Resort. It was nice, like a little village and close to everything. 

I was able to explore the Historical Williamsburg , to see performances live and I even went on ghost tours during the night! If you don’t get scared easily , I strongly recommend you to walk around the Historical part of Williamsburg during the night. 

You will find the first real Asylum of the East Coast … Hunted today. There are many legends and stories! And if you love history, you are going to love the performances and what they say! 

                                                          *********YANKEE CANDLE VILLAGE**********

In Williamsburg there is the Yankee Candle Village. Inside it is Christmas all year along. It snow every 4 minutes . You can meet Santa and sit on his laps. You can have cookies with Mrs. Claus . You can buy personalized ornaments for Christmas.

There are many candles and fragrances and everything smells so good. You find the best chocolate fudge and you can either bring with you or eat it there. 

They keep the countdown till Christmas all year along and there is a big clock that sing music with animated puppets. 

You can also have a wax sculpture of your hand or with someone else! The entire process is so cool! If you like to collect things and you do not travel as much as I do, I would strongly recommend that you experience it! I have done it years ago .


Of course, since I love the Ocean , I couldn’t skip Yorktown Riverwalk. 

Riverwalk Landing offers an array of diverse shopping and dining opportunities all in a serene setting. It is very peaceful and relaxing walking along the river. Every Saturday they held an Artist Market and I find out that people drive from all over the country to expose their arts.

I also went to see the Yorktown Victory Monument  and walked around the historical part of the city. You must see that monument to believe the magnitude of it .In 1834 the citizens of Yorktown had asked Congress that the monument be erected as specified in 1781 since, as the Congressional committee report indicated, it would emphasize “an event that terminated the struggle of our fathers for liberty and independence” and that “no event in our history is more worthy of commemoration than that which crowned the American revolution with success and triumph.”

                                                            ********** JAMESTON SETTLEMENT**********

The settlement was the most fun of my road trip ( well, beside walking during the night in Williamsburg hunting for ghosts). I learnt so much about Pocahontas  and history in general. I wore the real iron uniforms and I was lucky enough to get on board the 3 ships!

And so, my Adventure in the Historic Triangle came to an end ….back in the sky now!