Once again I found myself in the Big Apple . New York City has its own beauty and anytime I go there to explore, there is always something new , unique and interesting.

Would I live there ? Absolutely no. I couldn’t deal with the traffic , the non stop noises , the smell and the cold winters along with the snow. I love cities , however NYC is not my favorite .

***Street Vendors***

NYC is famous for the street vendors. You can find pretty much anything . From food to accessories .  What captured my attention this time was the Octopus Balls . I tought it was just funny as a sign!


This guy has been famous for so long! He dresses up as a Cowboy and he is pretty much naked . There was a line of women ready to take pictures with him…and nope, I didn’t do the line but I did snapped a picture of him! I have been in the big apple many times and I have never saw him…and finally I did! My bucket list got another check!


I had to go! I haven’t been there in years and I was due for a visit ! The New York City train station is a unique place. They say that if you stay there long enough ( I am not sure by long enough what they mean ) you can meet people from all over the world. I took photographs of the sealing because I love stars and astrology and because I believe it is that train station characteristic . If you ever go to New York…do not forget to visit there !


Of course I didn’t skip time square ! How could I ? Time square is the heart of the city. Full of lights , full of life , full of stores and restaurants . Of course, you can find some funny and crazy carachters ! 


You know what was funny about Central Park ? At the entrance there is a HUGE sculpture that is a GROCERY LIST . According to the artist, a grocery list is ART! Very interesting !


This time I decided to visit the INFAMOUS  Trump Towers! I even went inside and of course…everything is ” Trump”… Even a kids and infants clothing line !

*** St Patrick’s Cathedral ***

Located in the heart of NYC there is this Church. I decided to go inside because I was due for a trip. I haven’t been in there in over 10 years! The most fascinating thing, that I totally forgot about, was the huge musical instrument!

It was fun to explore New York City  and I saw so much This time !