You could ask me What’s in Arkansas to see ??? Well, I have been traveling for my whole life and I learnt that in every state, every city, every country, there is always something to discover. 

Traveling means discover the world while discovering yourself. You become a citizen of the everything  and you belong in every place . 


This huge statue was built on June 11,1965. It is 67 feet tall  and it has 65 foot arm span.  The face is approximately 15 feet height. The weight is over two million pounds !

The view from the Statue is amazing! It really does take your breath away! Pictures don’t do enough justice!


That is an actual part of the Berlin Wall!!!!!  The actual section is 10×10 . 

The wall fell on November 9,1989


I must say, it had a funny name! I played with this musical instrument for a while because I was having too much fun! The OZARKAPHONE is made of weatherproof pressure treated local pine. It is pretty much a xylophone that to me looked like a chair!

Enjoy Arkansas if u go there!