The chateau Laroche also Known as the Loveland Castle resemble an European Castle. It was built by Harry D. Andrew and it took him over 50 years.

 I had the honor to meet one of the owners and vice president of the KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN TRAIL. He was a friend of Harry that inherited the Castle. He was so nice to tell us the details about how Harry built the castle,the tricks he put around it and he even unlock the doors locked to the public!

Harry dedicated his entire life to built this castle. He used to carry bricks from the river up there. The first room    that he built was the Bedroom. He was sleeping there and he did slept there while he was trying to make his dream come true. 

He had PUZZLES in the castle and games and when his friends where going to visit him , anytime someone was losing they had a ” charge ” : bring one brick from the river.