For most people, the Sky is just a way to get from a place to another by using a ” plane ” but for people that love aviation, the Sky is home and a plane is an ” aircraft”. A museum can be ” just another museum” however, when it contains your deepest passion and what you have dreamed your whole life…a museum can be a wonderland . Wouldn’t you agree with me?

My travels always take me somewhere new or somewhere “old” in which I usually still have something “new” to explore. This is the case of Dayton,Ohio.  I have been here before and unlikely most people, I couldn’t exclaim with a bored facial expression ” Been there! Done that!” There was still much more to see in this city and this State and of course, where a sky lover would start ? 


The museum contains more then 360 aircrafts and missiles  displayed in 4 different areas .  They have the Boeing B – 29 Superfortress  that dropped the Fat Man Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki during the last days of World War II .   I’m pretty sure that for most fanatics of the World War II , seeing that could be defined as ” the icing on the cake ” . 

The beauty in within those walls is something unique . The unicity is due by the fact that certain artifact are aren’t just priceless or rare but… UNIQUE.   Walking trough that museum it means walk trough history.  

The museum has also a few PRESIDENTIAL AIRCRAFTS  located in the Presidential Gallery. One of the aircrafts was used by Franklin D. Roosevelt  and Dwight D. Eisenhower . The nicest thing of all is the possibility to walk inside those rare gems of the sky . By walking trough the different models made in different age, the museum offer the possibility to million of visitors to see the differences made during the years. 

In the exhibit you can also find a modified Boing 707 that was known as the VC-137C. This particular Aircraft was used by president John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon . I had a tour guide for this section of the museum and, he told me and the others that this aircraft, took President and Mrs. Kennedy to Dallas the day of the President’s assassination . The same aircraft took his body back . However, his wife didn’t want to put his husband body in the cargo and even if it was difficult to bring the coffin on board, eventually they did.

One of the “interesting pieces ” of this museum ( at least interesting for me), it was the FLYING SAUCER. This aircraft resemble an alien space shuttle that could carry two people on board. Unfortunately it wasn’t a great success due to different factors, included the on that this “round looking space aircraft” only goes 35 miles per hour. 

THE HOLOCAUST EXIBIT will leave you speechless and you are going to feel lucky for every little thing in your life. There are unique pieces in this section, such us the vest that they had to wear in the concentration camps. You can read about real people stories….at least, the stories of the ones that escaped. One of the most interesting ones is the Violin story…What’s about? Where that violin comes from? I’m not going to spoil it for you .

There is so much to write about my experience, more then visit , inside the museum, however, I’m not going to make you read more and I leave space for some more pictures….After all we all know : pictures tell a story.