Nowdays, there aren’t many people with a vegetarian or vegan diet, neither people that barely drink or smoke or do drugs, that eat gluten free, that have an healthy lifestyle while trying do not inject the body with chemicals contained in food or medications etc…Those people might be rare , however they do exist. Life is made by little things and with balance. Always find your balance and be jealous of it. A balance is a person perfect blend of body, mind, spirit and soul. All need to be synchronized . Perfect for who? For yourself, for your lifestyle. Every individual is unique in the life choices they make. 

Once you find that balance, don’t let it go because they only person that can take care of yourself is yourself and to do that, you need to be healthy .
I thought that it could HAVE BEEN quiet challenging to be a vegetarian and gluten free person in St. Thomas – Virgin Islands. My thoughts changed during my first real trip around local restaurants and pubs.
There is this ” little gem” called JEN’S CAFE in which they have a variety of vegetarian and vegan food. Food such us veggie chilli , veggie patties, veggie burgers and much more. The owner was so sweet that she explain to me the process how they make the vegetarian and vegan food such us their own patties.
I was extremely excited about that. A place where people like me cannot just eat a salad. If you travel to St. Thomas, I would strongly recommend to visit this small and unique place. They also make one of the best coffee I have ever had and it is $3.00 which is not bad , compared to the prices on the island. 
During my first visit around the island, I ended up in a place called ” THE TAP & STILL“. It is a very characteristic , small place. One of the signs said ” Burgers, Booze, Beer“. I knew right there that I was going to starve because I was sure they had pretty much nothing for vegetarians , vegans or people that conduct an healthy lifestyle .

Little that i know , I saw in the menu ” Veggie Burger”. One of the bartenders explained to me that they make their own vegan patties. Hold on, this was the SECOND PLACE in St. Thomas where they make their own patties??!

They did not have the gluten free buns , however, the bartender told me that they could put my vegan patty on a lettuce ! Everything was delicious, with onions, pickles , black beans, tomatoes, mushrooms , hot peppers. It tasted good!
This place is also unique because they serve the food in…bags! 

If you want to try good food , meet new people ( locals and tourist ) I strongly recommend to visit there!