What can or should I say about St. Thomas?
Let’s start with the ocean : it is crystal clear. You can see the bottom and the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful (Even if, I still prefer the ones in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico )

As you know, St. Thomas is part of the Us Virgin Islands ( don’t get confused with the British Virgin Islands ), however, they drive on the left side. There are signs all over the island that remind you to drive on the left side.

If you are planning on moving or visiting this lovely island, come equipped with MOSQUITO REPELLENT and BUGS SPRAY. The mosquitoes will literally attack you non stop. Not even the AC stops them. People here say that after spending 3 week in St. Thomas, the mosquitos stop biting you. Nobody knows the reason but they all agree with that statement .

Be careful if you go on the beach because there are plenty of SAND FLIES and their bites are different then the mosquitoes bites. They can get into your clothes and you can carry them at home.
St. Thomas is part of the famous ” Caribbean” and even so, don’t picture perfect roads or stores or malls like in the United States Of America ( even if this is still USA) . They still have cobble stones and most roads are small and hard to drive around .

: I personally think they are cute and adorable even if, people and signs say that they are not so friendly. It is not recommended to feed them and if you try to do so, they will run after you. They have teeth and they can bite. They love bright colors and they go after things such us sun screen cream ( because those bottles usually have bright colors) . They eat FLOWERS! I threw flowers on the floor and I saw them eating ! I’m not sure if it is because the color or because they actually taste good.

: Many cruises ships comes to the island . The majority of people here are tourists from cruise ships. In fact , on THURSDAY when they are no cruise ships, the entire island is VERY quiet.
FOOD : Get ready because food in St. Thomas is very expensive ! A gallon of milk cost $ 9.00 !!!! Coffee filters $7.00 !!! A box of Bubba Burgers $ 25.00 !!! And of course, everything unhealthy such us Alcohol and cigarettes is cheaper ! 

: If you rent a condo and you aren’t stay in a resort, be prepared because sometimes the electricity goes away. It is not a big deal when you think that you live or you are vacationing in St. Thomas, however it could be an hard task trying to cook or putting make up on.