How and why people change ? It is a phrase with only five words but a very complex one. People change for different reasons or maybe not. They don’t really change , or at least I don’t believe in that , however they can modify some aspect of their personality.

Why I decided to write a post that is not about my travels ? Because in the past few days I lost my favorite Aunt due to cancer and this morning my childhood friend due to cancer.

Is that going to make me ” change ” ? I don’t have an Answer for myself yet and I don’t have an answer for you yet . I’m sure time will tell, time will teach. Time does a lot of things. Have you ever actually tought about how powerful TIME is or it  can be ? Time is everything. I’m sure you heard this before. 

This post could follow deep in a lot of topics and I am not sure if you would read a long one. Should I care? I’m writing or blogging for me or for you? 

I write for the memories. I write for the pictures. I write because when I will be gone , you will have a memory of me. 

Both of them fought for long time against cancer. They fought like lions. They lost. You cannot win all the time. Should I start with ” Why good people get cancer?“. Maybe I shouldn’t because I could start a debate that goes deep touching also the religious view of many as many could be disappointed or they could disagree with me. I heard people saying ” … He takes the best because he needs more Angels”. What are we ? His puppets ? And who is he to decide about our lives ? Why people pray to him when he takes away? Universal and philosophic questions that the human mind need to ask to nutrish the brain . Is there a real answer out there ? No, there is not. We all have our opinions . All of them are different from each other . 

Time can heal. Time will heal and that is why is so important. Do you know why those things happen ? So you can understand who your real friends are. They are the ones that let you cry on their shoulders, that tell you to vent, that have kind words for you. They are the ones that stand by your side. Now, remember my words ” A real friend worth more then a boyfriend “. Romantic relationships can end. Can come and go. The sun leaves every night to let the moon shine. A real friend will never leave you. If you fight with a real friend, you can always make peace but when a break up happens, things aren’t going to be the same.

I’m not going to analyze the different type of relationships here. That is another topic . A topic that could lead into the          ” forgive and forget” , a topic in which the word ” forgiveness ” could be the predominant one. This is not the right post.

So what do I really want to write about in this post ? The nothing and the everything . Open thoughts . Open mind . Mist of emotions. Isn’t that right under those circumstances ?

There is a reason why I wrote all this, read along the lines and you will find a meaning of WHY I wrote certain statements. 

Who should be close to you when you lose a loved one ? I’m asking this question because I’m obvious disappointed by someone actions and words. Not just for the day that my Aunt died but also for the day that my friend died. Sometimes, you expect people to be nice and act in a nice way like you. Don’t expect nothing from anyone because expectations lead to disappointments . Do you want to spend your life being disappointed ? I have doubts in my mind. In that case, count only on yourself . Do things by yourself and for yourself . Take care to yourself as nobody else would do. Truth is…life is yours. You are the only one that can perceive your inner feelings and deep tought .


How do you take care of yourself ? Another phrase, another question. There are healthy ways and unhealthy ways. Let me ask you a very important questions : which – according to you – are healthy ways and unhealthy ways ? I personally workout daily for many reasons. Workout relax me ; I consider it my ” me time”; I can daydream while running ( and laugh even if people around me don’t know why ); My endorphins get released ; I feel better about myself. I would rather run and ” play ” with weights rather then go sit in a bar, have drinks and watch people drinking. Some others love alcohol . They want it. They need it. This just re instate what I wrote earlier ” People are different “.  Working out is also my stress relief . 

Would you consider that an healthy or unhealthy way ? The bar or the gym ? At the end is what makes you happy. There is always a middle ground. Can two opposite find a middle ground ? Uncovered questions that are present in the minds of many. 

Have you ever asked yourself those questions ?