St. John is part of the US Virgin Islands and  is also home of the Virgin Islands National Park which protects over 7000 acres of the 12,500 acre island. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful natural resources of the island. Of course, I had to explore part of it with a great HIKE!  I was immersed in the nature, in the forest. The sound of the wind and the trees was simply relaxing and the view spectacular.

Along my hike I was lucky enough to see some little cute animals , touch them, feel them. The weather , especially during the ” winter ” is perfect. For some people is hot but for people like me, that have an adoration toward the warm weather, 80 or 84 degrees is not much.

At the end of my hike, I was rewarded in the best, possible , imaginable way : clear water on a spectacular beach. I truly believe that , has been the greatest and happiest day of my time in St. Thomas and St. John. I could see the bottom of the ocean, look at my little toenails while playing with the sand underwater ; move my eyes from a fish to another one. . . And places like this are the ones that make you exclame ” Paradise!” and want to travel more.

St. John is also known for their ” wild animals ” such us Donkeys! That is one of the main reasons why I wanted to go there. I love animals and I was curious to see the wild donkeys. I was really surprised when I got close to them and pet them. They did not run away. There also Deers on the island and signs about ” Deer Crossing”

My Day in St. John ended at the ” Beach Bar “. According to locals and some of my friends , that is one of the most famous spots on the island. During the evening it can be relaxing to sit there and look at the boats and the water. Around the bar table they also have board games . If you are planning on visiting St. John, I would recommend to stop there!

Aside of the beauty of the nature, between amazing views, wonderful and clear water, interesting wild animals, St. John is similar to St. Thomas : a little run down , with drunk people walking around and cleanliness is not really known there but if you can look past it and want to enjoy the sun and the water, that could be really …. Paradise