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February 2017

○ Diablo.Wa○

Have you ever been in a NEW STATE and decided to go on an adventure by getting lost with your car? That is exactly what I did or what happened to me. The weather wasn't the best that day. The... Continue Reading →


♧ Camels and Me ♧

In the middle of nowhere, in an unexpected place near the border between Usa and Canada there is a SPECIAL FARM where, believe it or not you can get to know CAMELS . Almost at the end of Bellingham ,... Continue Reading →

☆ The GUM wall☆

I have always wanted to see a GUM WALL and leave my " chewed gum " there. Finally, in SEATTLE, WA I had the opportunity to cross it from my bucket list! The wall is by the box office for... Continue Reading →

♡Seattle. Wa♡

This time my travels took me to Seattle, Wa . I have never been here , neither I had pictured in my own mind how this city could have been. My only expectation was the weather . I did't find... Continue Reading →

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