This time my travels took me to Seattle, Wa . I have never been here , neither I had pictured in my own mind how this city could have been. My only expectation was the weather . I did’t find snow as I tought however it is cold and windy here. Most of the days the sun doesn’t come out and everyday it gets dark around 5.00 pm. The rain is part of this city .

One of the first places I visited was the PIKE PLACE MARKET  which is one of the oldest public farmers market in the United States. You can find a lot of vendors there and you can also try samples of their food. This place is also famous for their fish . Can you imagine a vegetarian surrounded by fish ? 

And of course you can find some weird items here such us Bacon air freshener , bacon band aid and anything that has to do with B A C O N !

One of my favorite was the OLIVE OIL Vendor! He had some many different kinds and I tried them all! I love olive oil!

And here I was, in Seattle, a city famous for the COFFEE . As a coffee lover, I had to see – it was pretty much a Must See – the FIRST STARBUCKS ! The line was very long , more then in any other places. I was slightly disappointed because there was a white truck parked outside the first Starbucks ! Other people were complaining about however we couldn’t find the owner of the truck! Thankfully a Lady told me to take pictures from the side .

Seattle is a city famous for the COFFEE and their CRABS. If you want to eat good crabs go to the CRAB POT. They have king crabs and crab feast. They give you a BIB before serving you the mea and a wooden hammer to break the crab. I must say, even if I’m vegetarian, it was a fun ” experience to watch “

Overall, Seattle WA is a beautiful city. It is very clean and people are really nice!