27In the middle of nowhere, in an unexpected place near the border between Usa and Canada there is a SPECIAL FARM where, believe it or not you can get to know CAMELS .

Almost at the end of Bellingham , WA and the beginning of Vancouver Canada you can see those amazing creatures.
It was Valentine’s , February 14, 2017 when I decided that my date on the ” Day of Love ” was going to be a Camel!.

On the farm they have 15 Camels. Only 2 were born there. The youngest ones are 1 year old and one month old!


I learnt so much about those animals that I felt blessed to be able to live this experience !
Camels are very calm creatures even if, the ones that are in Egypt or other countries are known to be very aggressive , probably because they aren’t treated as well as the ones in the USA. They are treated as a tool to go from place to place, meanwhile in the USA are seen like something ” different”.

The tallest one was about 7 feet tall from the hump down.
– What’s in the hump? –
I thought it was part of their body, just like we have bones in our back but I was wrong. Camels store FOOD in their humps! When a camel consumes the emergency food supply, the hump will shrink and fall to one side. Refueling and a good night’s sleep will return the hump to its upright position.


Baby Camels don’t get their humps until they start to eat solid food.
Chewbacca was my favorite! He was licking with his long tongue my face and giving me kisses!

It was an experience that I will never forget !