8Have you ever been in a NEW STATE and decided to go on an adventure by getting lost with your car?
That is exactly what I did or what happened to me.
The weather wasn’t the best that day. The clouds were moving in and there wasn’t much to do near Bellingham, WA : at least no much as I was hoping to find.
Next thing I know, I found myself on a road to ” Nowhere” with one little exception : my nowhere was called DIABLO.
The name, I must say was interesting and intriguing. Diablo means DEVIL in Spanish. At that point I was curious about WHAT or WHO I was going to fin in ” Diablo, Washington”.

Diablo was immersed in the nature , surrounded by what humans now days try to destroy with new buildings and new architectural ideas.


Diablo is an unincorporated community in Whatcom County, Washington.The community, which is located on the Skagit River near the Diablo Dam, was established as a company town by Seattle City Light.


I also found out that the name of the Lake was LAKE DIABLO . The Diablo Lake Trail is an excellent choice year-round, but it’s a particularly good option for an early season hike in the stunning North Cascades National Park, much of which is inaccessible during the winter and spring.( I found that out since February is considered winter in Washington State )


The Lake has a spectacular view . The scenario is stunning even during winter time. Unfortunately winter conditions and time made impossible for me to hike around the “Diablo Lake Trail” , however I was able to enjoy it with my eyes and share it with you trough my pictures.


Isn’t unusual that this ” Little Slice Of Heaven” was called DIABLO? I was hoping for some folkloristic legend or to meet someone that would have told me a scary horror story about “WHY” This area and the lake were called “DIABLO“. Well, my imagination went a little too far. DIABLO takes the name after DIABLO DAM . He was the “Creator” according to many ( According to me, Mother Nature created this little slice of Paradise but this is another story that I won’t tell in this post…) According to some researches The Diablo Dam was named from a Chinook word influenced by early Spanish explorers meaning “devil,” was once the world’s tallest dam, standing 389 feet tall.


The Road lead me to a strange part of this are , in which I found a POWERHOUSE. From the outside, the powerhouse has the resemblance of a building from an ” Horror Movie “. It was an interesting place to see from the outside and , once again I was hoping to meet someone and hear a real ” Horror Story“. Unfortunately, the only word or fact that was close to be some kind of horror is ” CREEPY“.


To get to that Powerhouse, there is only ONE Tiny bridge. Only one car can fit in it. If that bridge collapse, there is no other way to get there. The other part of the word creepy is associated with the fact that around this powerhouse, there were a few houses. I could count them on my fingers. They were all the same and the same color.

The question remains : Who would live there ? Do people that work at the powerhouse live there ? Why those individuals want to be so far from the civilized World ?


This place is so ” Invisible” that, doesn’t even appear on the map! They have address like ” H9″ or “H20” which adds up to the meaning of the word “Creepy” that I decided to use for the area . They live in a place with a beautiful scenario however beside that, they have to live with the quiet of it and I hope they all get along because no many “souls” live there.

I’m blessed for this adventure and even more blessed to do not live in “Diablo” or near by.