*** Matawan Creek,NJ***

It doesn’t matter how much you know because when you travel, you understand that you don’t know much of anything.

This time, my travels took me to MATAWAN CREEK ( Jersey shore ) . At first, when you look at it, it seems like a normal creek but truth is , this was once a place that terrified many people.

In 1916 there were a series of SHARK ATTACKS New Jersey . Fours people were killed and one severely injured. In Matawan Creek a 12 years old and a 24 years old were killed in within an hour from each other.

The shark was caught two days later and to be sure that ” he” was the killer, the over 300 pounds creature was dissected. 15 pounds of human remains were found in his stomach.

They never settle on the specie but many says that it was a Great White SHARK. 

Those events, inspired Peter Benchley in writing his novel in 1974 : JAWS which became a famous movie. 

The most fascinating thing about this Creek is that it is really a peaceful and relaxing place. I sat there for a few admiring the reflection on the sun in the water. It is a perfect place to run away from the everyday life and to relax.