Jersey Shore was famous among the ones that live in New Jersey. What made famous the Jersey Shore was the famous JERSEY SHORE SHOW.  MTV had the idea to rent an house near the boardwalk and select 8 of them . They were mainly Italian American , Irish-Spanish American , Greek Italian American, Puerto Rican Italian American, Polish  Italian American, Chilean Italian American.

According to me , they put a timer bomb in that house.

“That House” with a timer bomb, today is a touristic point. The house also became famous for the ” Hot tub”. Since the show is over, the house today is rented. Apparently, there are people that LOVED the show so much to pay big bucks to spend a night or more nights in the Jersey Shore House.

I was in the area and I decided to go see the INfamous house. I wasn’t able to get inside, however, from the outside was a little disappointed. The house is ru down and seems like nobody takes care of it. I’m not sure if inside is kept in better conditions but I would hope so!