》 Amish County 《

Reading about people, events , facts on books is a powerful tool for knowledge . I prefer to read and to experience. I have been and I’m very blessed because I’m able to be a full time traveler . Is not easy but is not impossible. 

I read and I saw documentaries about the Amish , however, see and experience and learn on site how they live, it was an extraordinary adventure.

Lancaster located in Pensilvania is where you want to go to see a lot of Amish and learn about them .

I saw a lot of them riding in a BUGGY carried by an horse. The Amish prefer that slow method of riding because This approach to transportation, as with other technologies, is based in the idea that accepting every technology can be harmful to a family, community, and church. Some Amish see cars and other form of technology as ” Evil” . They are allowed to ride IN a car but not to ride A car. The carriage also plays an important symbolic role. Amish realize the importance of the buggy as a marker of identity. Replacing the buggy with the car would not only mean forging closer ties with the world, it would mean discarding a symbol partially responsible for the strong sense of Amish identity. Afterall, if you see a BUGGY you know that an Amish is riding it because nobody else would…we have cars.


One of the easiest ways to identify an Amish home is to look for the electric power lines running into the house; if you don’t see them, you are probably looking at an Amish home. Living without electricity is something most People ( Americans especially )would find very difficult to do. Imagine cooking your meals without a microwave, blender, or electric mixer. Or even worse, imagine spending your evenings with no electric lights, TV, VCR, or stereo. As difficult as it seems, the Amish do this every day of their life. They cook using gas stoves, light their homes with gas lamps, and read instead of watching TV.

Honestly, I see BEAUTY in all of this. In many houses and in many couples, the conversations could be improved . People would be forced to spend time together and entertain each other without electricity . My boyfriend wouldn’t be on his cell phone when we are in a restaurant and he wouldn’t text and drive . I admire and I’m fascinated by the Amish way of living their life. I see peaceful days without stress. I’m sure their creativity is much better then ” us “. 

They do use compress air stored in a tank. 


While I was in Lancaster , I learn that women can only wear certain colors. They can wear white until they get married. Once they get married, they store that white piece of clothing because they will be barrier in it. Until they are teenagers they can use buttons for their clothes but after a certain age, they are allowed to wear straight pins . Since I have a fear of needles, I’m not sure if I could do that, however, an IMPORTANT FACTOR to keep in mind is that they do not know any better . Their hair also must be covered all the time. Obviously no make up is allowed…forget getting your nails done at a nails saloon!

When it comes to the Male figure , I learnt that they must shave their beard until they get married. Once they are married, they must have a beard . They also have to wear hats . Their suite must be the Amish wash and most time is the woman that makes it. Some of them can go to a tailor , however, the suite cannot be different from what another Amish is wearing. 

Everybody wear the same clothes. There is no daily fashion show . The stress of going shopping doesn’t exist in their lives .


They do not have designated schools like the rest of the World. They move from house to house since usually they live in groups of small communities. They have special wagons carried by horses. Inside they store the school benches and books . This material is used for school and church. Every Sunday, they set up the benches in a new house. At the end of the mass everybody eat in the same house. The woman ( owner of that designated house ) cooks for all of them. After the mass, they all eat the same food. In that way, nobody can say ” That woman had also been and fish…the other one only fruit “. The food competition stress is eliminated .

Kids go to school until eight grade. After that ,the boys will work with the father in the fields, in the barn, and around the out buildings. The girls work inside the home and garden, alongside the mother. 

The Amish built those particular bridges in the event of a storm or snow. They can ride their Buggy there and wait for the storm to pass.

I did go inside one. 

They are not allowed to ride bicycles , however they can ride the old fashion push scooter . 

It was absolutely an interesting experience to be there, to visit Lancaster and see how the Amish live. I would strongly recommend a trip there!