° Easter on the Sweetest Place On Earth° 

I have been to the Hershey Chocolate Factory before but I have never been to the Hershey Park. The Park is considered the sweetest place on Earth and the best day to go there was on Easter! 

The Park was open for that particular week end but usually it opens in May.

What I didn’t know is that inside the Park is located ZOO AMERICA! It is an 11 acres of walk thru zoo in which you can see plants and animals .  They have barn owls , bob cats, black bears ( one of them named Susie) , Deers, Otters , American Elk, Mountain Lion ( 2 of them, a male and female . They are absolutely stunning! ) Turkey Vulture , Ferrets , Lizards, Coati, Vampire Bat , Desert Kingsnake and many more! The cutest thing is that on Easter, the zoo workers were feeding the animals decorated boiled eggs and the animals loved it !

The rides won’t disappoint you however I cannot tell much about rollercoasters because I don’t ride them .

Around the parks there are places to get food and also Arcades along with many games ( Fair style ) . 

Everybody are HAPPY there and it was a beautiful day to be at the park. Of course, if you go, be mentally prepared to do long lines for each ride. You can purchase a fast pass as soon as you get in the park.

Since the Waterpark was still closed, I can’t tell you much about that section however, I look forward to go when it is warm and the water park is open.

If you have been to Disneyworld , be aware that Hershey Park is much much smaller and it is also smaller then Bush Garden but it is still a fun place !