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May 2017

☆ Jim Thorpe☆

The name of one of the greatest athlete and the name of a town. Jim Thorpe is a little town located on a mountain. The scenery is beautiful , however , the road to get there is not one of... Continue Reading →


》Steve Tobin Studio《

Quakertown. PA I had no idea that in the State of PA there was a town named Quakertown , neither I was aware about the Steve Tobin Studio. My curiosity towards his sculptures guided me there on a sunny day... Continue Reading →

¤ Lehigh Folk Millenium Arch ¤

Bethlehem. PA Be a tourist is different then be a traveller. You can be only one or combine both. The difference is in what you chose to do, to see and how you chose to do and see . Which... Continue Reading →

☆ Peeps Factory☆

Bethlehem. PA. "This is where all the magic happens " , was the phrase that the nice lady at the desk told me.  My expression was similar to a kid into a candy store when I arrived at JUST BORN.... Continue Reading →

♤ Ringing Rock Park ♤

What could be just a legend or a piece of folklore is true in real life. In a World in which people chase the latest technological tool or toy, Mother Nature still keep it simple , real and symphonic. There... Continue Reading →

♡Armour Stiner House♡

Irvington. New York. I was wondering around with my car in a new city and in a new State, when all the sudden I saw what appeared to be a pink house .  I pulled the break on my car... Continue Reading →

♤Lyndhurst Mansion♤

Tarrytown. New York. When I first saw the Lyndhurst Mansion online, it reminded me of a fairytale castle. I expressed the wish to go visit it soon. Time and work have been against me and twice I was near by... Continue Reading →

¤Chuang Yen Monastey¤

》 Carmel. NY 《 World's Largest . World's Tallest. World's smallest . I want to see them all.  I'm fascinated by this kind of " Objects " as much as i'm with roadside attractions. During my travels, while I was... Continue Reading →

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