Tarrytown. New York.

When I first saw the Lyndhurst Mansion online, it reminded me of a fairytale castle. I expressed the wish to go visit it soon. Time and work have been against me and twice I was near by but unable to go.

Until one day…and that was my lucky day.

The gates where opened,my eyes were shining like star and my excitement was on high level.

The Lyndhurst Mansion is a mansion and not a castle. I didn’t realized that when I saw the structure in pictures. It wasn’t as tall as a castle.

It is a Ghotic Revival Country House located on 67 acre on the Hudson river .

It is amazing to see and to experience on how much land it sits. 

The house was first named knoll , although critics quickly dubbed it Paulding’s Folly because of its unusual design that include fanciful turrets and asymmetrical outline .

If you are in the area, I would strongly recommend to visit the mansion , the guest house and enjoy the grounds!

You won’t regret visiting this hidden gem.