Irvington. New York.

I was wondering around with my car in a new city and in a new State, when all the sudden I saw what appeared to be a pink house . 

I pulled the break on my car right in front of that pink house without knowing what it was.

It was love at first sight . I have seen beautiful places traveling around the Globe but this one, captured my eyes,my heart and my full attention. 
I found out that, the beautiful structure was the Armour Stiner House.  I was so fascinated by it at the point of spending entire minutes fantasizing on HOW and IF I could Have OWNED IT.

After some researches, I discovered that it was built by the financier Armour  but the architect of the house , remains unknown . During 1872 and 1876 the house was enlarged by a tea imported called J. Stiner .

The house is one of the most lavish octagon houses .

It is a National historic  Place. My researches went forward until I found out that the house was NOT for sale but for rent . You can rent this beautiful octagon house for $40 k a month. And the money, worth every penny.

The house has 10 colors all shades as you can see from the pictures and all blended perfectly. 

If you haven’t seen the Armour Stiner House you should go. This house looks like a place straight out of a fairytale . It is real but it looks surreal .

It looks like an house straight out of a fairytale. It looks beautiful in picture but when you see this beauty ” live ” it takes your breath away. The house is privately owned. I wasn’t able to find the owner, however, by using hashtags on Instagram I found the niece of the owner and liked every picture of the house and the guest/garden house.