Bethlehem. PA

Be a tourist is different then be a traveller. You can be only one or combine both. The difference is in what you chose to do, to see and how you chose to do and see . Which things ? Which places ? I like to take the road les travelled and discover places that not too many people want to discover . I’m the in between .  This is the reason why, one sunny day during my exploration in Bethlehem , PA , I found out about the Lehigh Folk Millenium Arch .

Finding this place wasn’t as easy as it could sound . I wondered around the University for at least 15 minutes. I asked to 2 people about that place but nobody knew what that was or what it was . I decided to don’t give up. I parked my red car rental on the side of the street . I left the car and proceeded on foot. If I knew I was going for an hike, I wouldn’t have worn the high heel boots 

– Tip # 1 : Avoid wearing high heels if you want to go on an expedition.

– Tip # 2 : Have an extra pair of walking/workout/gym/sneakers/no high heel shoes in your car.

Finally, after my hike I found what I was looking for! The place seemed run down. I believe that not many people go there anymore and the sculptures weren’t in great shape .

In 1999 Lehigh University offered a course called “Raw Vision: Creativity and Ecstasy in the World of Shamans, Mystics and Outsider Artists”.  The students were tutored by the well known Mr. Imagination and they collaborated with the Banana Factory which is an Art Center located in Bethlehem.

Those sculptures are the representation of what was in those students mind. If you love art, if you understand that art can be in any shape , form and or size , I would invite you to visit the Leigh Millennium Folk Arch . For an unknown reason, the place is known as Stolfo Sculpture Garden . That is the reason why, the 2 pederastians had no idea of what I was talking about.

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