Bethlehem. PA.

“This is where all the magic happens ” , was the phrase that the nice lady at the desk told me. 

My expression was similar to a kid into a candy store when I arrived at JUST BORN. They couldn’t chose a more appropriate name for the Peeps Factory .

From the outside, it is just a normal building but as soon as you pull into the parking lot , you are able to notice that something is different . My first attention went on the Bus that was parked there as a monument . I went near by, I took picture of it and to it.

Right after I went near the door. I was ready for my entrance inside JUST BORN. I tried to open the door but it was locked. Picture the face of a child with a broken heart. That was my facial expression .

The Lady noticed that and she explained to me that there aren’t tours inside the peep factory , however, she was willing to let me in so I could look around.

It was sweet of her. The entire room was ” sweet”. There were statues made with Real Peeps !!!! That was my first time seeing Peeps sculptures .

I wondered around for a little, I asked question to the nice lady and took some pictures.

Before leaving she gave me some candies and blue Peeps ! I was so happy. It has been good traveling trough Bethlehem and find JUST BORN!

IG : Spicepinkie1