What could be just a legend or a piece of folklore is true in real life. In a World in which people chase the latest technological tool or toy, Mother Nature still keep it simple , real and symphonic. There is a well known Park among the people that live in Upper Back County . It is the Ringing Rock Park .

The rocks have a singing ability if you hit them with an hammer or with another rock. Several early scientists became interested in the ringing rocks, however none were able to formulate a credible theory on the ringing ability of the rocks or the formation of the boulder fields. Still today WHY and HOW exactly this natural phienoma happens is unknown. 

I had the pleasure to see the Park during my travels . Find it isn’t as easy as it could be. The GPS coordinates are ” almost accurate ” however, you need to park the car  before entering the park. There are a few pic nic tables and parking is avalaible. After that, I proceeded on foot . Unfortunately I was wearing – once again – high heel boots. I would strongly recommend to wear shoes without heels since there is a little hike to do. The ricks were on the right side. It looks like a huge park full of rocks. You walk on rocks !

It is pretty interesting to see and to experience !

Many people attempted to steal the rocks and today is illegal to do so. You can try to take one at home, however, the rocks lose their singing ability once you take them out of the park!