Quakertown. PA

I had no idea that in the State of PA there was a town named Quakertown , neither I was aware about the Steve Tobin Studio. My curiosity towards his sculptures guided me there on a sunny day of spring .

Steve Tobin is an American artist and sculpture . He take inspiration from the nature that surrounds the world . I never heard of him before today.

As every artist , he has is own studio , however is creations and the location of them is different then any others. There are miles of yards on a street in Quakertown, PA. Here and there, scattered across the park’s numerous green lawns, giant steel roots sprout like thorny tubes of metal, forming skeletal domes like the jungle gyms at playgrounds. The sculptures are odd and unusual .

I must say, it is like a playground . I had fun running around those giant sculptures and take pictures of them and with them . 

Each sculpture is characterized by the absence of description that lead the imaginary side of the human mind to fantasize on the why he built what he built. I couldn’t make sense to the meaning of each piece of art but it was an interesting day surrounded by the unknown .

It is like an outdoor exhibit that is free to the public .