The name of one of the greatest athlete and the name of a town. Jim Thorpe is a little town located on a mountain. The scenery is beautiful , however , the road to get there is not one of the easiest one. My first impression of it was the one of a ghost town . There is no much around and there are no many people around. 

The town is well known for the burial place of Jim Thorpe. He was the first Native American to win a gold medal for his home country. Thorpe has received various accolades for his athletic accomplishments. He is still know as one of the greatest athletes of all the times , however , fame has a price . Unfortunately, Jim Thorpe suffered of alcoholism . 

He lived his last years in failing health and poverty. He was married three times and had eight children, before suffering from heart failure and dying in 1953.

He wasn’t from Pennsylvania and the story behind HOW is body got there, is not really one of the most normal ones. Thorpe’s third wife, “stole” Thorpe’s body and had it shipped to Pennsylvania. When she heard that the small Pennsylvania towns of Mauch Chunk and East Mauch Chunk were seeking to attract business. She made a deal with officials which, according to Thorpe’s son Jack, was done by Patricia for monetary considerations The towns bought Thorpe’s remains, erected a monument to him, merged, and renamed the newly united town in his honor Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, even though Thorpe had never been there.

The monument site contains his tomb,two statues of him in athletic poses, and historical markers describing his life story.