》Port Royal,Virginia《

John Wikes Booth . A name , a man that many recognise from the history books. However, this man didn’t become part of the American History for all the good reason. He was Lincoln’s Assassin . The place in which he died isvsigned as and with an historical marker in Port Royal, VA. I’m sure that many cars and truck drivers pass by without knowing that history was made there. 

That wasn’t my case. As a good traveller and explorer, I knew the approximate location of that historical marker.

John Wilkes Booth was on the run but he died ten days after killing Lincoln. He died from a gunshot wound . Booth was a well known actor, however, when he killed President Abraham Lincoln , he wasn’t acting . His ” real act ” didn’t remain unpunished. Thomas P. ” Boston” Corbett found Booth and killed him. He was a soldier that first was arrested for disobey to the orther but then he was released once declared American Hero.

An interesting historical marker to see. My advice to you is to look for it before you go.