Winston – Salem . NC 《

There is not such a thing as a weird attraction or object. Some of them just require more understanding then others . Every object has a souls and it is unique . Different simply means that someone created what they believe could be art.  Everything has a story behind , just like every person.

Traveling to me means to embrace the presence of all the object in this World that cannot be seen daily, that are considered ” Different “.

My searches took me to Winston – Salem in North Carolina where I was pleasantly surprised to to see a very particular Shell Gas Station.

 This Gas Station was built in  1930 along with other 7 by the Quality Oil Company , a Winston based marketer of Shell Oil. This is the Shell Number 7 , the only one that is still standing. 

Preservation North Carolina , spent $50,000 To being this station in its original condition.  Today, this historical Landmark serves as a satellite office for Preservation North Carolina .