》Thomas Jefferson. Monticello《

Learning about history by walking on an historical ground. This is the feeling that goes trough your mind and your body every step you make inside Monticello. 

Hidden in the heart of Virginia, surrounded by a beautiful scenario is located the primary plantation of Thomas Jefferson, third President Of United States Of America .

As soon as you walk in the area, after paying for your tickets , you have the opportunity to retrieve a $2.00 Bill which I did. Soon after I recommend to watch the short movie about Thomas Jefferson and his vision about life , laws and slavery.

Before you see  Monticello , you have the opportunity to visit a 2 floor museum. The interesting part about it are the manuscript and antiquities from years ago. There is a model of the door that Lincoln invented. What’s so special about that you could ask. He created a mechanism that allowed the door on the left side and the one on the right side to open at the same time. For that age, that invention was seen as ” the cration of a genius mind”.

The Grounds and the inside is magical and well taken care of. Unfortunately you AREN’T ALLOWED to take pictures inside. A guide is always with you, with your group and she explains to you the meaning of everything, included the paintings and the history of Monticello.

I was mainly fascinated by the original manuscripts. Unfortunately they were protected in a way that I wasn’t able to touch them !

I will strongly recommend to visit the GARDENS full of flowers and vegetables. You have the opportunity to see many BIG SUNFLOWERS.