Nowdays, sadly many people claim to be busy due to work commitments and many don’t leave time or don’t make time to read books.

I still believe that books are what keeps your mind and your brain active and transport you into another dimension for hours or days.

As an Avid Book reader , while visiting Charlotte,NC, I couldn’t have missed the GREEN PARK. 

This park has an overall theme world literature . 

The two large Stack Of Books are located at the entrance of the park. It is a symbol , a declaration of how literature is important and it can be incorporated in the modern and daily life. 

All over the park there are quotes  by famous writers and many whimsical direction signs pointing to REAL PLACES but combined to form the name of well – known authors like:

Signs pointing to Edgar (Wisconsin ) Allan (Saskatchewan) and Poe (Alberta) .

One of my FAVOURITE was LIFE IS AN OPEN BOOK Featuring children on a brick. 

Brad Spencer is the creator of this sculpture . The Brick Association of the Carolinas commissioned the sculpture honoring the AIA of both North Carolina and South Carolina. 

It is a lovely place to explore and if you are planning to visit Downtown Charlotte during the warm season…don’t worry because there is a statue with 3 Fishes ready to cool you off !