》 Charlotte. NC 《

Over 40 years ago , people with visible body deformations were a money machine.  They were a way to attract customers.  They were a way to make money .

This was the case of the British Cojoined Twins , Daisy and Violet Hilton.

Born in 1980 and died in 1969. They were exhibited in Europe As children. It was idea of their stepmother to display them in a pub .

They were best known for their appearances in Freaks and Chained For Life .

They toured the United States Of America and they spent their finals days in Charlotte, North Carolina.

After two days with the flu they were found dead. Since their mother died giving birth to them , no relatives were found.

Their Graveyard is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and I decided to go see it.

People still go there. They leave flowers and magazines representing the two twins.

Was their mother really dead? Did she really died giving birth to them?

I found out that many are the questions about the life and the birth of those twins.  Nobody seems to know the truth. 

The only real fact is the place in which they are sleeping for the rest of the eternity.

Rest In Peace .