》 Charlotte.Nc 《

It was an emotional and grateful day and moment . I can’t even fully express my emotions.  I was able to see and touch (Sorry Museum,I couldn’t resist) the Airbus 320 from the Flight 1549 also known as the “Miracle On The Hudson Plane“. I’m honored to stand here, in front of the AC that performed the greatest ditching in the history of the Aviaton. 

As tears where dropping down from my eyes, I couldn’t stop taking pictures and analyze the Aircraft.

It was January 15,2009 when the US Airways Flight 1549 , Airbus 320 took off from LGA .
The Flight was struck by Canadian Geese . The Aircraft lost all the Engine Powers.

It was Capitan Chesley Sullenberger decision, assisted by First Officer Jeffrey Skiles to perform , what in aviation we call a Ditching .

The AC landed in the HUDSON RIVER on that cold morning .

On board there were 150 passengers and 5 crew members for a total of 155 people. 

All the 155 survived.

This is the Greatest Ditching In the history of Aviation .

The Aircraft is displayed at the Carolina’s Aviation Museum . I asked Why The Smithsonian didn’t get it. The Lady explained to me that the Smithsonian Only wanted the Cockpit . The Carolina’s Aviation Museum was in disagreement . They BID the highest price and won the bid. It also made sense because the route was LGA –  CLT , the majority of passengers were from Charlotte and the crew was based there.

Thank you for keeping the Miracle On The Hudson safe and don’t let the Smithsonian take only the Cockpit.

For people that Love The Aviation , this Aircraft mean a lot.