Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 and till this day he is still a legend. From young to elderly people, everyone knows who he was. Everyone knows his songs.  Many people believe or want to believe that he is still alive , however, that is just something that his fans manufactured in their heads .

As every Human he was vulnerable. Just because someone becomes an Idol or a STAR in the show business , that doesn’t mean that your time will never click.

He died at the age of 42 and his family covered up his death . It is suspected that was an overdose of prescription medications. He died in his bathroom , the bathroom of his beloved mansion….GRACELAND.

I had the opportunity to visit The Mansion and admire the place in which This Legend lived.

On March 19, 1957 , Elvis purchased Graceland for the amount of $102,500. ( An equivalent of today $880,380 )The ” Musical Gates ” weren’t part of the house. Elvis decided to install them . He lived there for 20 years. The 17,000 + square foot home, today is a museum that contains some of Elvis’s most prized possessions.

Mr Toof , the original owner, named the property after his daughter, Grace Toof.

In 1939 Graceland became public. Now is an Historical Landmark.

Graceland is the second most visited home in the United States, with over 700,000 visitors to boast annually. The first? The White House of course ! I went there during the week ( Avoiding the week end ) and it was pretty crowded.

Besides Elvis’ love for fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, he insisted that there be cans of sauerkraut, fresh banana pudding, and Doublemint gum stocked in the kitchen at all times. To me the kitchen was outdate but for that time, it was a luxury kitchen.

Because attempts were made to steal Elvis’ body from his gravesite in Forest Hill Cemetery, he, along with his mother Gladys, were reinterred at Graceland’s Meditation Garden in 1977 . The Meditation Garden is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. I recommend you to visit it.

There re many unique object in the Mansion, such us Elvis Presley Keys to Graceland, his birthday certificate, his wedding suit and much more.

My Happy Place was of course, the location of the 2 planes. I was able to get on board of both planes : Lisa Marie & Hound Dog II.

The Lisa Marie, a Convair 880 named after the rock legend’s daughter, features a red-white-and-blue exterior, gold-plated bathroom fixtures, a stereo system, a conference room and bed. He bought the Aircraft from….Delta Airlines!

The Hound Dog II , a Lockheed JetStar was very small but extremely nice and colorful on the inside. Needeless to say that I was looking for or hoping to see in both planes a fashionable Flightattendat Jumpset.

They will give you an ipad and earphones . You can wear them while touring the property, however, from personal experience, I can admit that it is easily to don’t listen to the guided ipad tour because what you see….will amaze you!